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  People with disabilities should not be affected by tolls on
  the new Highway 104 Western Alignment, Transportation and
  Communications Minster Richie Mann said today. 
  "Only non-local truck traffic will be required to use the
  toll road, so anyone travelling in a car or an ambulance
  will be able to travel on the existing road," said Mr. Mann.
  "The League for Equal Opportunities has obviously been
  misinformed on the intent and the impact of the toll."
  The minister noted that the construction of the new Western
  Alignment, in a two-year time frame, would significantly
  improve the safety of the existing road by relieving the
  congestion and by removing the large number of trucks.
  "Right now, the safety concerns on Highway 104 are related
  to the mix of high speed, through and truck traffic with the
  slower local traffic. This situation will not exist with the
  opening of the new road," he said. 
  Mr. Mann said that staff from his department would have been
  available to explain the implications of the toll road if
  the League had called or written seeking information. 
  The Western Alignment will be constructed through a 
public-private partnership over a 20 month construction schedule.
  The expedited construction is possible because of the
  private participation in the financing of the road. 
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  jlw                       Feb. 05, 1996     5:30 p.m.