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  A board of inquiry into the complaint of Dr. Dinesh P. Sinha
  against the Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital has released a
  preliminary decision on its jurisdiction to hear the
  Dr. Sinha made a complaint under the Human Rights Act on
  Sept. 30, 1993. He alleged that he was discriminated against
  in employment and access to services because of his race
  and/or colour, and/or national origin when his hospital
  admitting privileges were suspended in 1991 and denied in
  1992. The complaint could not be resolved by the commission
  and proceeded to a board of inquiry chaired by Anne S.
  The hospital brought a preliminary motion that the board
  lacked jurisdiction because Dr. Sinha neither had an
  employment relationship with, nor received services from the
  hospital. The board heard arguments on the motion Jan. 9 and
  24, 1996.
  The board dismissed the motion. In her decision of Feb.2,
  1996, Ms. Derrick found that the relationship between Dr.
  Sinha and the hospital was both an employment relationship
  and a service accessing relationship for the purposes of the
  Human Rights Act. She found that both "employment" and
  "services" in the act should be defined broadly, given the 
  quasi constitutional status of the act and the broad,
  liberal and purposive interpretation that it should be
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