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  Premier John Savage and Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse met
  with federal Fisheries Minister, Fred Mifflin Wednesday
  night to explain the crisis facing Nova Scotia fishing
  "We're being devastated by the changes taking place,"
  Premier Savage told the federal minister.
  "Nova Scotians are decent people in a state of revolt. In
  the past we have demonstrated we can adapt to change and
  survive by our own resourcefulness. We continue to be
  Canada's most successful fishing province but new fees and
  licensing policies are placing a heavy burden on our
  Mr. Barkhouse told the federal minister that the cumulative
  impact of licence fees and user fees have not been properly
  studied by Ottawa.
  "We need to slow the process down and consider the long-term
  effects of new fisheries policies at enterprise, household
  and community levels.
  "Industry, community leaders and elected officials are
  united in a way they have never been before. Ottawa must
  hear our message. Licensing policy, fees combined with
  impact of new fees and charges are the main issues that have
  to be addressed," Mr. Barkhouse said.
  The federal minister told the premier that he understands
  the concerns of fishing communities across Atlantic Canada.
  "However, the licensing fees were finalized after extensive
  consultations with the fishing industry in the Atlantic
  Provinces. As a result, some of the license fees have been
  adjusted. The Canadian Council of Professional Fish
  Harvesters have been asked to report in one year about the
  effects of licence fees on industry across Canada. The
  licence fees were established to reflect the value of the
  privilege of access to the fishery and the ability of the
  industry to pay," Mr. Mifflin said.
  Premier Savage and Mr. Barkhouse said Nova Scotians are
  still asking for further negotiation of fees and licensing
  During the meeting with Mr. Mifflin, Premier Savage also
  raised Nova Scotia's concerns over proposed port fees. The
  premier said the Port of Halifax must remain competitive
  with U.S. ports or go our of business.
  Coast Guard officials are meeting in Halifax this week with
  shipping company officials, port officials and local
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