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  Janine Saulnier of Clare will be the director, finance and
  operations, for Nova Scotia's first Conseil Scolaire Acadien
  Provincial, Rejean Sirois, the board's newly-appointed
  superintendent announced today.  Ms. Saulnier is currently
  the chief financial officer with the Conseil Scolaire
  - Clare Argyle - School Board.
  "Ms. Saulnier was very impressive in her interview and has
  the experience the board needs for this key position," Mr.
  Sirois said.  "I look forward to working with Ms. Saulnier
  as part of our senior management team."
  In this position, Ms. Saulnier will be responsible for the
  most efficient use of tax dollars in budgeting, accounting
  and financial systems as they relate to payroll, learning
  materials, maintenance of schools and facilities, and
  Ms. Saulnier has worked as chief financial officer for the
  Clare-Argyle board since 1988 and was the 
  secretary-treasurer of the Commission Scolaire de Clare in
  1981-82. She has also served as president of the Nova Scotia
  Association of School Business Officials, as a member of the
  provincial Education Funding Review Work Group for three
  years, and has represented the Nova Scotia School Boards
  Association on a policy advisory group. She also worked in
  the area of finance for the City of Dartmouth from 1984-88,
  and as an education development officer for the Federation
  Acadienne de la Nouvelle-Ecosse in 1983-84.
  Ms. Saulnier earned her Master of Business Administration
  from Saint Mary's University and her Bachelor of Science,
  majoring in mathematics, from Dalhousie. She has also
  completed numerous accounting and business courses through
  the Atlantic Provinces Association of Chartered Accountants
  and Dalhousie and Saint Mary's universities.
  EDITORS NOTE: There is an accent "aigu" on the first e in
  Rejean, Leon, Ecosse and both e's in Federation.
  Contact: Rejean Sirois,(709) 642-5254, or Leon Richard,
  (506) 857-2263.
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