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  A Discussion Draft of new legislation to improve and
  streamline the regulation of the real estate industry was
  released today for consultation. Housing and Consumer
  Affairs Minister Eleanor Norrie announced that she was
  pleased the consultation process is going forward.
  "Representatives of the Nova Scotia Real Estate Association
  have been meeting with department officials for some time,
  working to create a faster, less complicated licensing
  process and system for handling consumer complaints", said
  Mrs. Norrie. "This draft legislation reflects their work to
  develop a simpler, more efficient system, and it's now time
  to get input from other stakeholders."
  The minister noted the proposed legislation will put
  licensing and disciplinary matters under a new commission
  made up of industry representatives and laypersons. "Having
  consumers and laypersons on a commission overseeing the
  industry is an important step forward," said Mrs. Norrie.
  "It will improve openness and accountability."
  The commission will provide an annual report and financial
  statements to the Legislature. Mrs. Norrie said that the
  proposed legislation will not result in significant changes
  in the day to day affairs of real estate businesses.
  Mrs. Norrie said, "The proposed changes will result in the
  new commission handling the licensing and consumer complaint
  activities now done by the department. These changes will
  streamline the system for the industry and consumers."
  Nova Scotia Real Estate Association President Ray Nelson
  welcomed the minister's announcement and indicated that the
  membership has supported this initiative.
  "The association has held meetings across the province, and
  our Legislative Committee has had representation from every
  region." said Mr. Nelson. "There is solid support for these
  changes and moving the legislation forward to benefit both
  the public and the real estate industry."
  Copies of the discussion draft are available from any office
  of the Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs, Nova
  Scotia Real Estate Association, or by contacting the Nova
  Scotia Government Bookstore, 424-7580, or 1-800-526-6575.
  EDITORS NOTE: Copies of the Discussion Draft are available
  by calling 424-4492, or Public Enquiries toll free
  Contact: Laurel Russell  902-424-4988
           Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs
           Doug Dixon  902-468-2515
           Nova Scotia Real Estate Association
  trp                      Feb. 15, 1996 - 3:23 p.m.