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  Justice Minister Bill Gillis and Community Services Minister
  Jim Smith today announced the projects which will be funded
  through the Framework for Action Against Family Violence.
  The projects will provide enhanced services to victims in
  all areas of the province, and have been submitted by
  interagency committees on family violence throughout Nova
  Scotia. The funding of these projects is part of a
  comprehensive strategy for improving the response of the
  justice system to family violence.
  A significant component of the framework is the funding
  program to support communities in enhancing victims
  services. Community organizations submitted proposals based
  on their assessment of existing services and community
  requirements, after consultation with the Departments of
  Justice and Community Services, and the Family Violence
  Prevention Initiative.
  "We recognized that communities know best what services are
  required," said Dr. Gillis. "The calibre of the submissions
  we received certainly underscores that fact."
  "Our goal is to better support victims of family violence
  within their communities," said Dr. Smith. "The input we
  have received from the interagency groups will help to
  achieve that objective."
  The projects that will receive funding represent a number of
  different models of victim support. They include Chrysalis
  House Association, which will receive a total of $78,750 for
  a transition house-based advocacy service. The Cape Breton
  Interagency will receive $105,000 for a police-based crisis
  intervention service. Tearmann House, on behalf of the
  Antigonish, Guysborough and Pictou County Interagency
  Centres, will receive $78,750 for transition house-based
  advocacy service. The Cumberland Interagency Committee will
  receive $40,000 for a transition house-based crisis
  intervention. A police-based crisis intervention
  co-ordinator has also been approved for the Truro area
  working through the RCMP. The Halifax region will receive
  $40,000 for a community outreach advocacy worker. This will
  compliment the proposed police-based crisis intervention
  that will be provided by the new Regional Police Force in
  Metro. In Lunenburg/Queens, $52,500 will be provided for
  police-based crisis intervention. Finally, there will be a
  police-based crisis intervention position to serve the
  counties of Yarmouth, Shelburne and Digby working through
  the RCMP. Funding for the service, to be co-ordinated
  through the RCMP, totals $105,000.
  Interagency committees are composed of representatives of
  various government and non-government organizations
  dedicated to addressing family violence issues in their
  The criteria used to evaluate the proposals included:
  community needs and how critical service gaps were
  addressed; partnerships between agencies and organizations;
  use of existing resources (while avoiding duplication of
  services) and the ability to serve the greatest number of
  victims with available resources.
  The members of the evaluation committee included
  representatives of the Departments of Justice and Community
  Services, the Public Prosecution Service and the Family
  Violence Prevention Initiative. The funding is for an
  18-month period and totals $500,000 for all projects.
  Response to the request for proposals was very positive,
  with several interagency groups asking for additional time
  to prepare proposals for submission.
  Another vital component of the framework is the training
  program for all justice workers. Program Co-ordinator
  Raymond Cusson expects to begin training in March. The
  course outline includes discussions on such topics as the
  dynamics of abuse, laws relating to family violence and
  procedures for responding to family violence incidents. The
  course will also involve participation from the community.
  In this way, front-line workers will help to provide insight
  and information on the reality of dealing with family
  violence in the community.
  The Framework for Action calls for a pro-arrest,
  pro-prosecution policy with interagency co-ordination and
  accountability measures. These initiatives are designed to
  ensure the justice system improves its response to family
  violence incidents, and enhances services to victims. "We
  have a lot of work to do, but we are moving forward," said
  Dr. Gillis.
  EDITORS NOTE: For further information on the specific
  projects, and the agencies involved, you may contact the
  Chrysalis House Association--Mary DeWolfe      902-679-6544
  Cape Breton Interagency Committee--Bea LeBlanc 902-562-4666
  Tearmann House--Karen O'Hara                   902-752-1633
  Cumberland Interagency Committee-Sandra Mackey 902-667-3336
  Halifax Region--Irene Smith                    902-422-4240
  Lunenburg/Queens--Chief Brent Crowhurst        902-527-8771
  R.C.M.P.--Sgt. Gary Humphreys                  902-426-7075
  Contact: Michele McKinnon  902-424-6811
           Department of Justice
           Judy Jackson  902-424-4283
           Department of Community Services
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