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  Premier John Savage has reaffirmed his government's support
  for a viable coal industry in Cape Breton.
  In a letter to Stephen Drake, president of District 26,
  United Mine Workers of America, the premier said while there
  is debate over the future size of the coal industry, Cape
  Breton mining must continue.
  The premier met last week with union representatives on the
  issue of the Cape Breton Development Corporation, the
  federal Crown corporation responsible for the mines. 
  The union asked the provincial government to fund a study
  into union proposals for stabilizing the Cape Breton coal
  industry. In today's letter to the union, the premier said
  he has formally asked the federal government to release the
  Boyd Report on Cape Breton coal.
  "I have spoken to Natural Resources Minister, Ann McLellan
  about releasing the report. It is important that we all have
  an opportunity to review the Boyd Report before it's
  determined whether further studies are needed," the premier
  A number of other union requests for information are being
  followed up within the provincial government.
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  jlw                      Feb. 16, 1996     4:35 p.m.