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The implementation committee responsible for the establishment of
the Le Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial said today it is
pleased that its report has been released.

In a statement the committee said: "The release of this report
yesterday is welcome since several individuals from the community
had expressed their concern about the lack of information
originating from the implementation committee which, according to
its mandate, was to make its recommendations directly to the

"The committee is also pleased to see that the government
favourably welcomed the report. The committee members have some
questions about the structure adopted by the provincial
government, but were glad to hear Acadian and Francophone policy
advisor Allister Surette say that Le Conseil Scolaire Acadien
Provincial will be able to make adjustments within the
administrative framework. Therefore, the committee will continue
to obtain more details and work in partnership with government to
ensure the new structure meets the needs of the Acadian


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