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Natural Resources Minister Don Downe has welcomed news that
lumber producers in Nova Scotia and the other Maritime provinces
will continue to have free and unimpeded access to the U.S.

Negotiations to resolve the long standing dispute over Canadian
softwood exports to the U.S. concluded Feb. 16 with a settlement.

While the major producing provinces agreed to make changes in
their programs, lumber producers in the Maritime provinces will
be exempt from any restrictions on exports of softwood lumber to
the U.S.

"This is great news for Nova Scotia lumber producers," said Mr.
Downe. "We have been convinced for a long time that this province
and the Maritime region were not part of the problem, so we
should be exempt from any trade action or restrictions by the
U.S. It is very gratifying to see that the U.S. government
acknowledges this and agrees that lumber exports from our region
are not a threat to the U.S. lumber industry."

Mr. Downe said there was excellent cooperation between government
and industry in successfully representing regional interests in
the softwood lumber dispute. "The industry effort was led by
Maritime Lumber Bureau executive director Diana Blenkhorn, who
deserves a great deal of credit and thanks for her dedication and
efforts on behalf of lumber producers throughout the region," the
minister said.

The government also strongly supported industry efforts to secure
the exempt status, he said. "I am especially grateful to Premier
Savage for his personal efforts on this issue," said Mr. Downe.
"The premier made a strong argument in support of the region's
lumber producers when he met with key U.S. officials in
Washington in early December and I am certain this was
instrumental in securing the exemption."

The high percentage of sawlogs from private woodlots (90 per cent
in Nova Scotia; 61 per cent in the region) and market based
stumpage rates for sawlogs from Crown land set this region apart
from the rest of Canada. These factors are the basis for U.S.
agreement to the exemption.


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