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An experienced educator and senior administrator, Ann Jones, has
been appointed superintendent of the Southwest Regional School
Board. Now working as assistant director of education with the
Ottawa board of education, Ms. Jones will begin her new position
May 6.

Amalgamation co-ordinator Michael Laurie, who announced the
appointment on behalf of the local amalgamation committee today,
said Ms. Jones comes to Southwest with a mix of skills and
experience well-suited to the responsibilities and challenges of
the position. Throughout her career, she has progressively held
positions as teacher, vice-principal, education consultant,
principal, superintendent and assistant director of education. As
assistant director, her responsibilities have included
curriculum, special education, community and adult education,
child care services, research and evaluation, and a program
entitled the "world of work".

Ms. Jones holds a Master of Education, Master of Arts for
Teachers, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education. Her
undergraduate specialties are in mathematics, special education,
and educational administration, with further studies in
information technology and educational management. She has also
served as president, Ottawa District, Ontario Secondary School
Teachers' Federation.

Mr. Laurie also noted that Ms. Jones has extensive experience in
the use of technology both in classrooms and administration. "She
has worked on a computers across the curriculum project,
providing classrooms with access to board-wide networks and to
the information highway. She has also promoted technology in
supporting the learning process through curriculum development,"
said Mr. Laurie. "This experience, both in classrooms and
administration, will benefit our students throughout the
Southwest region."

Ms. Jones has also been an active community volunteer, including
the United Way, the Forum for Young Canadians, the
Ottawa-Carleton School Day Nursery, and the editorial board for
CJOH-TV. She is also a textbook author and has lectured
internationally on educational issues.

Ms. Jones was selected following a rigorous screening process,
being used to hire all superintendents. Advertisements were
placed nationally, applicants were short-listed and candidates
were interviewed by a committee with representatives from the
local amalgamation committee and the Department of Education and
Culture. Interview questions focussed on leadership and
management, operational management, communications and
interpersonal skills, knowledge and background in educational
issues, and personal and professional adaptiveness.


Contact: Michael Laurie  902-861-3919
         (A profile of Ms. Jones is available on request.)

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