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A "buck" law, which allows hunters to bag only male antlered
deer, will continue in Nova Scotia for another season.

Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie, and Business and
Consumer Services Minister Don Downe announced reinstatement of
the buck law at the annual meeting of the Nova Scotia Wildlife
Federation in Truro.

"After three seasons with a buck law, there is evidence the deer
herd is increasing," said Mrs. Norrie. "We want to ensure that
the herd continues to increase, so the buck law will remain in
place for at least one more year."

During the 1995 deer season, 7,100 bucks were bagged, an increase
of nearly 35 per cent over the previous season. 

The buck law was introduced in 1993 as a conservation measure to
protect doe deer so that the herd could expand.

"If the deer population continues to increase, management zones
may be an option in the future, perhaps in 1997 or 1998," Mrs.
Norrie said. "Under the system, a limited number of does could be
bagged in zones where scientific data demonstrates a hunt for
does could be sustained."

It was also announced that application forms for the 1996 moose
license lottery are now available from Department of Natural
Resources offices across the province. Deadline for receipt of
the applications is May 30. A draw for 200 moose licenses will
take place in June.


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