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The Nova Scotia Community College and College de l'Acadie are
another step closer to self-governance. Except for labour
provisions, the new Community Colleges Act was proclaimed on
April 1, opening the door for the appointment of boards of
governors for the colleges.

Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern said board
governance is a logical and necessary step. "The boards will help
the colleges become more competitive, cut through bureaucratic
red tape, and provide better quality training to support economic
development ... and better training means graduates are more
likely to find jobs."

The boards will make policy, consistent with the colleges'
mandate to meet the province's occupational training needs.
However, the colleges will remain accountable to government for
matters of public concern, such as the appropriate use of tax
dollars, admissions policy and tuition. College presidents,
vice-presidents and principals will be responsible for the
day-to-day administration.

Based on the applications and nominations, between 10 and 14
members of the first boards will be appointed by the minister.
College faculty, staff and students will elect additional
members. For example, students themselves will elect the two
student representatives.

Consistent with their mandate, the colleges will be open and
accessible in their communities, the minister said. For example,
advisory committees, composed of industry and community
representatives, will advise the boards on programming issues.
The board will also use program advisory committee information to
help formulate program policy decisions.

Board meetings, with the exception of those dealing with
personnel, property or labour relations, will be open to the
public. Meeting minutes will also be available at every campus.

Applications for the boards are currently being reviewed, with
appointments expected this spring.


NOTE TO EDITORS: There is an accent grave on the first "e" in
College (College de l'Acadie).

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