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Once again, Nova Scotia has captured the attention of
international travel media.

From October, 1994 to December, 1995, Nova Scotia's publicity
value soared to $26.8 million and reached an estimated 126
million readers worldwide, an increase of 67% over figures for
last year.

"Word is spreading faster than ever that Nova Scotia is a
distinctive travel destination with global appeal," said Nova
Scotia Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison. "Competition
among travel destinations is fierce, and the fact that Nova
Scotia receives such positive attention says the travel media are
intrigued and excited about what we have to offer."

Among the publications to profile Nova Scotia in 1995 were the
New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Globe & Mail, Islands
Magazine, Globo (Germany), Field & Stream, Pesca In Mare (Italy)
and National Geographic World, to name just a few.

Such coverage carries a much sought after "stamp of approval"
said Mr. Harrison. "One can't buy this kind of publicity. When
travel magazines feature Nova Scotia, they provide an impartial,
third-party endorsement of Nova Scotia and results in an added
boost to our promotional initiatives. Positive coverage means
confidence in Nova Scotia as a destination for potential

Working closely with the private sector tourism industry, efforts
are made to encourage strategic and influential travel writers
and photographers to the province. Nova Scotia's media
familiarization program supports the province's integrated
marketing efforts in key geographic and specialized markets.

"The cooperation between government and the private sector has
been key to the international attention," said Mr. Harrison. "The
positive results of this partnership are passed on to readers and
potential visitors around the globe."

Tourism officials credit Nova Scotia's growing popularity among
outdoor and adventure enthusiasts as well as world-class events
and the province's popular scenic travelways for increase in
exposure. While last summer's G-7 Economic Summit elevated Nova
Scotia's international profile, the $26.8 million includes
tourism editorial only.

The ERA's Nova Scotia Marketing Agency monitors and evaluates all
printed articles and photographs on Nova Scotia using an accepted
research technique aimed at gauging the reaction in the
marketplace to Nova Scotia's tourism products.


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