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Premier John Savage will be the keynote speaker at this week's
first annual meeting of the Canadian-Swedish Business
Association, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The premier will be promoting Nova Scotia as a good place for
investment. He will stress the high quality of education,
excellent transportation links and the province's highly
motivated workforce.

"This is an excellent opportunity to push the case for additional
Swedish investment in Nova Scotia. The result will hopefully be
more jobs for Nova Scotians as investment in this province
grows," he said.

Premier Savage will be holding meetings with senior executives of
Stora Forest Industries. Stora is about to commence a $650
million expansion at its mill at Point Tupper.

"Stora has demonstrated tremendous faith in Nova Scotia as a good
place to invest. I hope to build on that strength."

Nova Scotia's forest products industry is currently worth more
than $1 billion annually. The industry directly employs 7,300.

A meeting with executives of Volvo, the Swedish car manufacturer,
is also on the premier's agenda. Volvo currently operates a car
assembly plant in Halifax.

"Our location on the east coast, our deep, year-round harbour,
and quick access to the mid-western U.S. through the Sarnia
tunnel gives Nova Scotia a competitive advantage. I want to
capitalize on these factors," he said.

On his way back to Nova Scotia, Premier Savage will be stopping
off in Dusseldorf, Germany, for meetings with executives of the
Bayer Corporation. Bayer is a partner in the plasma fractionation
facility being built in Bedford by the Canadian Red Cross
Fractionation Corporation.

"Medical research is a major growth industry and much of it can
be done right here in Nova Scotia. I'll be exploring this type of
investment opportunity while in Sweden and Germany."

Premier Savage is scheduled to be back in his office early next


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