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The 1996 edition of Career Options, providing valuable
information on hundreds of Nova Scotia career options, is now
available. This handbook, published since 1988, is revised
every two years in order to provide the most up-to-date details
on occupations specific to the Nova Scotia labor market.

Career Options is a valuable resource guide for students, as well
as others interested in choosing or changing a career path. It
not only provides a description of the various types of
occupations in Nova Scotia, but also the minimum academic and
training requirements, the institutions providing education and
training, and the necessary skills and aptitudes for each. Also
included is statistical information on existing and projected
employment levels, job prospects, and average annual income for
each occupation.

"This handbook allows students and others to evaluate the most
up-to-date information on occupations in Nova Scotia, and assists
them in making informed decisions about what they would like to
do in the future," said Education and Culture Minister John
MacEachern. "It also illustrates the importance of staying in
school by emphasizing that your level of education affects
the job opportunities available to you."

This edition of Career Options includes a new section on the
changing labor market and identifies current and future market
trends, as well as potential employment opportunities. It also
highlights some of the skills required by today's employers and
links educational achievement to career choices and their
associated income levels.

Published by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture,
and Human Resources Development Canada, Career Options is used in
schools across Nova Scotia to help students make career choices
and learn the importance of co-ordinating educational and career
goals to optimize their employment potential. By examining the
constantly changing workplace of the day, students learn that
lifelong learning and labor market flexibility are key to success
in a changing labor market.

Career Options can be found in public libraries across the
province, Human Resources Development Canada offices, school
libraries, and school guidance offices. It is also available
from the Nova Scotia Government Bookstore by calling toll free
1-800-526-6575, or through the Department of Education and
Culture, Planning and Research Division, P.O. Box 578, Halifax,
N.S., B3J 2S9.


Contact: Hema M. Chopra  902-424-0496

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