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A comprehensive information kit, entitled To Our Good Health,
designed to help communities establish community health boards
(CHBs) was formally released today by Health Minister Ron

The kit, developed in close partnership with the province's four
regional health boards (RHBs), is yet another step to support
community involvement in health care planning. CHBs will be the
forum for local residents to help identify how their community
can be a healthier place to live.

The information kit demonstrates how health care in Nova Scotia
is gradually becoming more and more consumer, family and

"It's important for local residents to participate in the design
of their health care system as they understand their community
and its specific needs at a grass-roots level," said Dr. Stewart.

"Through their community health board, residents will have access
to the information and the mechanisms they need to participate in
decisions about how primary care services will be provided, and
the programs that are most important to their area," he said.

The CHB kit provides detailed information about the role of the
board, how it fits in the new health care planning and
decision-making process as well as how people can become
Information ranges from how to initially establish a CHB to
selecting board members and to establishing CHB boundaries. The
minister said that boundaries are for planning purposes only and
will not restrict where people can receive services.

The Department of Health, in partnership with the regional boards
and representatives from a variety of health related community
groups, has also been working on an orientation and continuing
education program for CHB members. The program will provide
access to the information and skills the CHB members will need to
fulfill their important mandate. Support for their ongoing
education needs has been built into the implementation plan for
CHBs through the Health System Reform Branch.

CHB development across the province is a priority for the
Department of Health. It was a major component of Nova Scotia's
Blueprint For Health System Reform and the progress report, From
Blueprint to Building.

It is expected that the first community boards will be in place
this spring.


For further information, or for a copy of To Our Good Health,
Contact: Sue McKeage  902-424-3581.

trp                  Apr. 17, 1996 - 3:35 p.m.