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For anyone thinking about opening a restaurant, or a bed and
breakfast inn but didn't know where to begin, help has arrived.

A series of six "how-to" guides produced by the Nova Scotia
Economic Renewal Agency can take the guesswork out of starting a
tourism related business.

Tourism industry operators got their first look at the new guides
today when Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison introduced
the books at the Canada/Nova Scotia Business Centre in Halifax.
Guidebook titles include: Accommodation, Campground, Restaurant,
Receptive Tour Operator, Local Sightseeing Tour Operator and
Local Visitor Information Centre.

The guides provide Nova Scotians interested in establishing
tourism-related businesses and services, with detailed
information and direction. The guides are also useful to existing
operators who wish to improve their business. The guides were
developed by Tourism Nova Scotia, a division of the Nova Scotia
Economic Renewal Agency, in association with industry leaders.

"Everyone dreams of starting their own business at one time or
another, but the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if
you're not prepared," Mr. Harrison said. "As well as providing
instruction in marketing and finance, these how-to guides will
even help you decide if you're cut out to be an entrepreneur."

Each guide provides information on the requirements for success
- research and planning, undertaking a feasibility analysis,
developing a strategic plan, design criteria, regulatory matters,
and development of a marketing plan.

Regarding the guide on operating a restaurant, Kert Fulmer,
restaurant owner and guide contributor, said: "This book will do
more good for future and even present restaurant operators than
anything they have read in years. What took me eight years to
learn as a seasonal tourism operator is condensed in this

The guides will be sold in response to enquiries and used by ERA
staff when counselling potential clients.

Information on how to obtain any of these publications, may be
obtained through Tourism Nova Scotia at 902-424-3908; E-mail: or at any Access Nova Scotia Centre or
Canada/Nova Scotia Business Service Centre. The order form can be
downloaded from ERA's web site at Each guide is priced
at $25.

Guides are also available at the Nova Scotia Government
Bookstore, 1700 Granville Street, Halifax, 902-424-7580, or
toll-free at 1-800-526-6575, E-mail: or from
the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, 902-423-4480,


Contact: Linda Laffin  902-424-6810

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