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The Province of Nova Scotia is "very disappointed" by the report
of the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans on marine
service fees, and Transportation and Public Works Minister Richie
Mann said today he will continue to work for federal recognition
of the need for further consideration of the plan being proposed
by Coast Guard Commissioner John Thomas.

"It is obvious that the Coast Guard has been struggling to
satisfy each individual concern and coming up with a plan a day,
because they have not done the serious review of costs and
services used, in order to establish a rational and acceptable
plan for user fees. Until, and unless, they do that, cost
recovery will be arbitrary, and will work to the detriment of the
community of ports in this province," Mr. Mann said.

He noted that the committee had heard near unanimous calls for a
moratorium on the imposition of cost recovery until true cost and
service levels could be determined. The committee has recommended
that the plan move forward as scheduled on the first of June.

"We will continue to pursue the issue with the federal
government," Mr. Mann said. He has written to every Nova Scotian
Member of Parliament outlining the issue and seeking their
intervention. Mr. Mann, Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison
and Fisheries Minister Jim Barkhouse are also seeking an early
meeting with federal Fisheries Minister Fred Mifflin.


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