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The Nova Scotia Firefighters School has received $190,000 in
financial support from Labour Minister Guy Brown to assist the
school in its continuing efforts to train firefighters across
Nova Scotia.

"The school has a positive impact on firefighters and fire safety
throughout the province," said Mr. Brown. "We are pleased to
support the school in providing the best possible training to
people who provide an essential service to all Nova Scotians."

The Firefighters School, located in Waverley, Halifax County,
offers practical training and education to volunteer and paid
firefighters in Nova Scotia. The school's mobile training
unit tours the province, training firefighters who cannot travel
to the Waverley location.

"The school is run by and for the fire service," said Carl Shaw,
chairman of the school. "We are pleased that the government is
supporting our efforts to enhance fire safety and training in
Nova Scotia."

In 1995, the school had the largest enrolment in its 25-year
history. Over 4,000 firefighters benefited from the school and
its outreach program. Enrolment for this year is now ahead by 200
students. The school also held 35 industrial workshops for
employees of large companies and offered seminars to government

The school promotes the standards of the National Fire Protection
Association, teaching students how to handle hazardous materials,
detect fires and operate equipment like the "jaws of life." It
also uses live fire training mock-ups where students experience
the effects of working in a smoke and fire-filled environment.
Its live fire building is the only one of its kind east of

"The practical training provided here will save lives, reduce
fire losses and increase fire safety for firefighters and Nova
Scotians alike," said the minister.

The school is a privately-run operation, with tuition fees and
facility rentals providing half the annual budget. Provincial
government grants and donations of materials and equipment cover
about 40 per cent, and the remainder is made up through
fund-raising efforts, municipal grants and dues from association

The Office of the Fire Marshal, which is part of the Department
of Labour, is actively involved in the fire school. The fire
marshal's office works with local fire departments to improve
fire safety in Nova Scotia by inspecting buildings, investigating
fires, and promoting fire safety and prevention initiatives.


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