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Nova Scotia's second Take Our Daughters to Work Day appears to
have been a great success within the provincial government. At
Province House, for example, elected representatives from all
parties introduced participants, many of whom were able to hear
the introduction of the budget.

"I am glad Nova Scotians respond so well to this program," said
Status of Women Minister Eleanor Norrie. "It's a great example of
a low-cost effort, where the high value comes from people working
together to benefit girls and young women throughout the

"I thank all the people who worked so hard to make the day such a
great success, particularly Brigitte Neumann and her staff at the
provincial Women's Directorate," said Mrs. Norrie.

Girls and young women took part in activities in most government
departments, spending time with their parents, but also
participating in hands-on activities.

Girls visiting the Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs
developed their own newsletter to commemorate the day, using the
department's desk-top publishing software. The role of technology
was also demonstrated in the Department of Human Resources, where
the visitors learned about the computer systems that deal with
staffing, compensation and similar issues.

The girls also considered women's issues in the workplace through
a video, "More Than Just a Job", showing the wide variety of
career options now open to women.

In the Department of Community Services, 20 girls took part in a
well-planned educational experience. Beginning with a session on
goals and aspirations, they went on to do a budget on Lotus,
learned to do a resume, surfed the  Net, made their own business
cards on the computer, and visited the Legislative Assembly. In
addition to employees' daughters, Community Services included
daughters of people who are not employed.

Department of Natural Resources staff gave 12 girls an
opportunity to explore geology, computer-assisted drafting,
wildlife issues, and photographic development. The girls also had
very positive reports on the video, "Raising Young Voices", which
deals with gender stereotyping and the way it limits both girls
and boys -girls in their future paid work, and boys in their
future family participation.

"These examples from government departments show why it is so
valuable to have a special day for our daughters. In the private
sector, there is increased interest and participation as well,
and I thank all the people across Nova Scotia who made this event
possible," said Minister Norrie.


Contact: Brigitte Neumann  902-424-7366

trp                      Apr. 26, 1996 - 3:40 p.m.