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The flags at Province House will be lowered on Sunday, in
recognition of National Day of Mourning for Persons Killed or
Injured in the Workplace.

In the House of Assembly today, Premier John Savage called for a
moment of silence to remember Nova Scotians who have been killed
or injured at work.

In Canada, approximately 1,000 workers are killed on the job each
year, and close to 1 million workers are injured. Each year in
Nova Scotia, about 12,500 workplace injuries are

"We must work together to change these statistics," said Labour
Minister Guy Brown. "Regardless of where you work, health and
safety must be everyone's concern -- from management right on
down the line. When it is, everyone benefits -- workers,
families, employers and the entire economy of our province."

Mr. Brown was in Newfoundland today, attending a meeting of the
Atlantic ministers of labour to discuss worker safety, workers'
compensation and other job-related topics. One of the topics for
discussion is Nova Scotia's new Occupational Health and Safety
Act -- which is now being debated in the provincial legislature.

"This government is committed to making Nova Scotia a safe,
attractive place for employees to work and for employers to set
up shop. The new OHS Act is an important step toward that goal.
We are also committed to building partnerships with Nova Scotians
for a safer and healthier province."

Over the past year, the department has worked with employers and
employees in the construction industry, film industry, forest
industry, and oil delivery industry on various initiatives for

Government is also teaming up with industry for workplace safety
training. For example, the Nova Scotia Construction Safety
Association and the departments of Transportation and Public
Works and Labour have collaborated on a training and
certification program to increase safety on Nova Scotia's
construction sites. Construction firms must now have (or be
actively working towards) a certificate of recognition in order
to bid on government-funded construction projects.

The minister encouraged all Nova Scotians to get involved in
workplace health and safety. "Employers and employees should
become informed about their rights and responsibilities and work
together for safety.

"On Sunday, we should all look back and remember those people who
have been killed or injured in our workplaces. And on Monday
morning when we return to work, we should look ahead and take
action to improve health and safety."

The Department of Labour's occupational health and safety
division is committed to helping employers and employees improve
health and safety on the job. Anyone who needs information or
support, should call the division toll-free 1-800-952-2687


Contact: Jennifer MacIsaac  902-424-4680 or 902-424-3219

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