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Young people across Nova Scotia are holding special events to
mark the second annual national Youth Week, which runs from April
29 - May 5.

"This is a week to celebrate the contribution young people make
to our communities and to encourage them to continue to
participate through community service and volunteer groups," said
Minister Responsible for the Youth Secretariat, Jay Abbass.

The Minister knows first-hand the sound advice young people can
provide. Three years ago, the province established the Youth
Advisory Council, which brings together young leaders from across
Nova Scotia to provide a young person's perspective on community
and government initiatives.

"These youths have displayed a tremendous interest in their
province and in playing a role in creating Nova Scotia's future,"
Mr. Abbass said.

He also made special note of the contribution young people make
through their volunteer work. Last week, the Provincial Volunteer
Association and the Youth Secretariat awarded 17-year-old Julie
Spekkens of Tatamagouche its youth volunteer award for the hours
she donates to her school and community.

Julie is not alone. The Provincial Youth Secretariat notes that
young people in Nova Scotia volunteer their time to community
initiatives at a higher rate than the national average. In Nova
Scotia, more than one-quarter of young people between 15 and 19
years of age, 27.1%, volunteer compared to 20.4% nationally. For
those from 20-24 years of age, Nova Scotians again participate at
a rate well above the national average, with 22.6% of this age
group volunteering, compared to 15.5% nationally.

Students at Oxford School in Halifax are a good example of
commitment by young people, the minister said. Under the
coordination of Sheila Fougere, 300 students from grades seven to
nine donate their time to community projects ranging from
emergency food drives to helping out at museums.

"Not only does the community benefit from their contribution of
hours and hard work, the students themselves learn more about
their community and the important role they can play," said Mr.
Abbass, "We appreciate the volunteer work young people contribute
in every corner of the province this week and every week."

The minister also acknowledged the important role adults play in
encouraging young people to volunteer and for their role in
running the many youth organizations in Nova Scotia.

Youth Week was established in 1995 as a way to highlight the
volunteer work of young people in their communities and encourage
them to participate in this work year-round. The week is
organized by a national planning council of 50 youth

Among the local activities planned for the second annual national
Youth Week are: community clean-up by the Boys and Girls Club of
Dartmouth; junior leaders community service, by members of the
Boys and Girls Club of Dartmouth; and a global change workshop
for high school students at Shelburne Regional High School, West
King's District High School and Cobequid Education Centre, Truro.


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