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Justice Minister Bill Gillis today advised the Provincial
Government Lawyers Association that Cabinet has decided not to
extend collective bargaining rights to crown attorneys. Dr.
Gillis had made the commitment to bring the issue before Cabinet. 

In a letter to the association president, the minister urged the
association to build on the positive changes that have
occurred -- and will continue to occur -- over the coming months.
The minister also reminded the association that any strike action
taken would violate the terms and conditions of employment of
crown attorneys.

"I believe we have made significant progress over the past
several months in responding to many of the concerns raised by
the association," said Dr. Gillis. "We have seen improvements in
a number of areas, from increased staff and office space to the
acquisition of computers. I am committed to working with the
director of public prosecutions to ensure this progress


NOTE TO EDITORS: Should you wish to obtain a copy of the letter
to Robert Hagell, association president, please contact Ms.
McKinnon at 902-424-6811.

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