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Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie has announced that $6.4
million in provincial funding will be available this year to
private woodlot owners in Nova Scotia for forestry development

"This funding, provided entirely by the province, will mean
continuation of a private lands silviculture program at virtually
the same level as last year," said Mrs. Norrie.

Under the private lands program administered by the department,
incentives will be available to help offset the cost of site
preparation, planting, thinning, shelterwood cuts, and other
approved silviculture treatments on private lands.

During fiscal 1995-96 a total of $6.5 million was spent on the
private lands program. Of that amount, $4.5 million came from
"clean-up" provisions of the now expired federal/provincial
forestry development agreement, and $2 million was provided by
the province through the Resource Enhancement Fund.

"The $6.4 million provided in the budget for the current fiscal
year underlines the government's commitment to support
sustainable development and management of our forest resource," 
said Mrs. Norrie.

"We will continue this initiative while new approaches to
sustainable forest management are developed in co-operation with
the Coalition of Nova Scotia Forest Interests," she said.


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trp                   Apr. 30, 1996 - 4:15 p.m.