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Labour Minister Guy Brown helped kick off the annual meeting of
the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations in
Halifax last night.

Association leaders from British Columbia to Newfoundland have
travelled to attend the two-day conference. Meetings got underway
this morning with regional updates from across Canada.

The minister commended the group for their commitment to health
and safety. "Safety associations are making a positive difference
in safety on construction sites right across this country. They
share government's goal of making our provinces safe and
attractive places for employees to work and employers to set up

Construction safety associations, which are industry-run and
industry funded, are committed to creating a culture of accident
prevention within the construction industry. Associations offer
information, advice, training and certification to employers and

"The conference is an excellent way to stay current," said Bruce
Collins, general manager of the Nova Scotia Construction Safety
Association (NSCSA). "It also provides members with the
opportunity to share experiences and information -- and look at
new, cooperative approaches to health and safety."

Issues for discussion include national standards for construction
safety supervisors, training and course curriculum development,
opportunities for cooperation between provinces, and provincial
safety certification programs.

"The construction industry is a real leader in health and
safety," said the minister. "It has set an excellent example for
others to follow."

Last year in Nova Scotia, NSCSA trained over 10,000 workers,
owners and buyers of construction services in 20 locations across
the province. In partnership with the Department of Labour, the
association has established a $10,000 scholarship at the
Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS) for students who
demonstrate good safety practices.

Recently, NSCSA and the department teamed up for education
sessions on the new Fall Protection Scaffolding regulations.
Plans for this spring include the establishment of a trenching
safety training program.

As well, NSCSA and the departments of Transportation and Public
Works and Labour have collaborated on a training and
certification program to increase safety on Nova Scotia's
construction sites. Construction firms must now have (or be
actively working towards) a certificate of recognition in order
to bid on government-funded construction projects.

"The best way to improve health and safety is through
partnership. Government is committed to building and
strengthening partnerships for safety. Working together will
benefit workers, families, employers and our economy for the

The minister noted the new Occupational Health and Safety Act as
an important step toward a safer, healthier province.


NOTE TO EDITORS: The annual meeting continues tomorrow. For a
copy of the agenda, please phone 902-424-4492.

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         Jennifer MacIsaac  902-424-4680 or 902-424-3219

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