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The Manning Block, on Main Street, Parrsboro has been designated
a provincial heritage property. This is the 210th heritage
property registered by the Province of Nova Scotia.

Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Sandy Jolly, and minister
responsible for the Heritage Property Act, said: "Preservation of
heritage landmarks such as the Manning Block not only helps
maintain the character and identity of our main streets, but can
also be the focus for development of new business, especially
tourism related ventures."

The building was recommended because it is an intact example of a
typical woodframe, commercial block of the 19th century, a type
of architecture which is fast disappearing from the main streets
of Nova Scotia. Currently owned by Joan Panting, the building is
believed to have been built in 1856 by Daniel Yorke, a prominent
ship builder and merchant in the town. Later occupants included
watchmaker Reuban Spence, a billiards hall and the Parrsboro
Leader, an early town newspaper.

Manning Block is the 14th provincial heritage property
designation for Cumberland County; as a heritage property, no
substantial changes may be made to the building exterior. A
bronze plaque will be affixed to the front of the building
signifying this designation, with an unveiling ceremony planned
for July.


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