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Nova Scotia Environment Minister Wayne Adams today officially
opened a first of its kind composting system in Canada.

"We are here today to celebrate a home-grown solution that has
possibilities for the world," the minister told guests at the
opening of the "System 251" composting facility at Kemptown,
Colchester County.

The pilot plant has been built to process all of the organic
waste generated in the Town of Truro and the Municipality of the
County of Colchester. The Kemptown facility is composed of 12
stainless steel vessels which can compost 2000 tonnes of organic
material per year. Its innovative design allows the facility to
expand to accommodate growing demand for compost.

An added benefit is the lack of outside odor sometimes created by
the composting process. "The fact that there's virtually no odor
means we can place the plants closer to populated centres, saving
on transport costs," said the minister.

Mr. Adams believes this new composting design could be
instrumental in helping the province reach the target of at least
50 per cent diversion of solid waste by the year 2000. "Municipal
leaders are looking for affordable solutions to the organic side
of the solid waste equation. They need look no farther than here
at Kemptown. Anyway you look at it, this is a winner."

The pilot plant was constructed at Mulgrave Machine Works. 
Construction and fabrication employed 14 people. "Based on the
results, and the considerable interest in the pilot plant,
there's every reason to believe those skilled workers will be
kept busy with other orders from Nova Scotia and beyond," said
Mr. Adams.

The Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency and the Department of the
Environment are assisting Stinnes Enerco with its efforts to
secure additional sales for the composting system. The plant has
drawn interest from potential customers across North America.

Funding for this $1.4 million dollar environmental technology
development project came from all three levels of government. The
specific contributors and amounts are: Municipality of Colchester
($175,000), Town of Truro ($175,000), Nova Scotia Department of
Housing and Municipal Affairs ($350,000), Resource Recovery Fund
Board Inc. ($167,000), Canada - Nova Scotia Sustainable Economic
Development Agreement ($150,000) and Stinnes Enerco ($400,000).


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