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"Keeping Safe: Women at Work," a brochure of practical safety
tips for women in the workplace, was released today by Status of
Women Minister Eleanor Norrie.

"Violence against women in the workplace is a serious issue for
women, for communities, and for government in Nova Scotia," said
the minister. "Increasing education and improving awareness are
two of the best ways to increase safety at work."

"The issue of violence against women has been gaining recognition
and action over the past decade," said Mrs. Norrie. "Now, the
problem of workplace violence is also getting attention."
Workplace violence, in the context of occupational health and
safety, was discussed at the annual meeting of Atlantic Status of
Women Ministers.

The brochure includes tips on basic prevention, precautions for
working alone, taking action against an attack, and
transportation to and from work. For example, letting people know
when you're working late, having keys close at hand, parking near
the exit in an underground garage, and setting up a business or
mall watch program. There are also suggestions for employers,
such as installing phones in isolated areas and pre-programming
emergency phone numbers.

"I encourage employers and employees across the province to get a
copy of the brochure and display it in their workplace.
Prevention and education can make a positive difference," said
Mrs. Norrie.

The brochure was produced through a cooperative venture of Status
of Women ministers from the four Atlantic provinces. The
brochure, which may also be displayed as a poster, is based on a
design used very successfully in British Columbia.

Within the province, the brochure was cost-shared by the
departments of Labour, Housing and Municipal Affairs, the
Economic Renewal Agency and the Women's Directorate. Copies will
be distributed to employers throughout the province. They will
also be available at Access Nova Scotia outlets or by phoning

The Department of Labour is also in the process of developing
regulations related to violence in the workplace. The regulations
are based on recommendations put forward by the Nova Scotia
Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council during three
years of labour-management consultation on the province's
workplace health and safety rules.


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