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Focusing on the health benefits of active living, the national
Summer Active  96 campaign will be launched Saturday, with a Walk
for Osteoporosis at the Halifax Commons.

The national Walk for Osteoporosis begins Walking Week, the first
week of activities in Summer Active  96's three-month campaign
which runs until July 28, 1996. More than 100 events have already
been planned by volunteer groups, municipalities and businesses
across Nova Scotia.

"I encourage Nova Scotians to take a step towards active living,
by participating in the Summer Active  96 activities in their
communities," said Sport and Recreation Minister Jay Abbass. The
Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission is one of the
provincial sponsors of the Summer Active campaign. National
sponsors are Health Canada, Participaction and a number of
corporate sponsors.

This year events in Nova Scotia include: sneaker days at schools,
businesses and daycares; trail walks, organized by municipal
parks and recreation groups; and fun and fitness weeks at nursing

"The activities organized across Nova Scotia, from elementary
schools in Sydney, to day cares in Halifax, to 4-H Clubs in
Bridgewater, show a great interest in participating and promoting
healthy and active lifestyles," said Mr. Abbass. "Thanks to the
volunteers who have developed these events, Nova Scotians
throughout the province will be able to be active participants in
Summer Active  96 in their own neighbourhoods."

This is the first year Summer Active is beginning its campaign
with a national walk. The osteoporosis walk raises money for
awareness, research and education. Research has shown that
regular activity can help prevent the onset and severity of
osteoporosis by building stronger bones. The organizers of the
walk extend a special invitation to mother and daughter duos to
participate in this walk which is held the day before Mother's

Another first this year is the extension of Summer Active  96 to
a three-month campaign. In 1995, Summer Active was launched as a
two-month campaign of active living events across Canada. More
than two million Canadians participated in 7,700 events. In Nova
Scotia there were over 200 events drawing thousands of

Mr. Abbass will be on hand Saturday at the opening ceremonies of
the Summer Active  96 campaign and Osteoporosis Walk.
Registration begins at 8 a.m. with the kickoff scheduled for 9:30
a.m. at the Scotia Branch Legion on Cunard Street. The walk
begins at 10 a.m. at the Halifax Commons.


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