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Environment Minister Wayne Adams today launched the summer 1996
edition of Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps with the
announcement that the corps will hire 92 youth this summer.

The jobs will be located in communities throughout the province
and are related to watershed management, waste management, trail
development, organic weed control methods, and environmental

"We are committed to promoting environmental stewardship in our
youth and communities. The youth corps program provides an
opportunity for youth to gain environmental management work
experience while contributing a valuable service to their
community," Mr. Adams said.

"It is important to protect two of Nova Scotia's most valuable
resources, youth and the environment."

The Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps is a special program of
the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment. Established in
1989, it provides an opportunity for Nova Scotia youth ages 17-24
to gain environmental work experience through three programs: 
the regular summer program, the environmental leadership program
and the youth environmental challenge.

Since the program began approximately 800 youth have
participated. This total will near 1000 with the 92 jobs
announced today, plus a further 100 funded through the youth
environmental challenge program, and support staff.

Program funding comes from several sources including the
provincial Departments of the Environment, Community Services and
the Economic Renewal Agency, as well as from Human Resources
Development Canada. Community groups also contribute financially,
and in kind, to the program through provision of materials,
supplies, travel costs and a portion of the labour costs.
Additional funding from corporate sources includes Stora, Sears
and Global Geoenergy Research Ltd.

Job opportunities through this program have been posted with all
Canada Employment Centres for Students and at all NSDOE regional
and district offices.

Those interested can also look at this posting under the job
catalogue in the community economic development section of the
Economic Renewal Agency site at:

Closing date for applications is May 24. Opportunities are still
available until June 1 for youth to create their own job through
the Youth Environmental Challenge Program.


Contact: Shawna O'Hearn    902-424-4924

         Firdaus Bhathena  902-424-2316

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