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ABC's Good Morning America will wrap up a week-long Canadian tour
with a live broadcast from Lunenburg's waterfront on May 17.

Nova Scotians are invited to Lunenburg to view the broadcast
which begins at 8 a.m. Portions of Montague Street between King
Street and the Dory Shop and Bluenose Drive may be closed during
the broadcast. While there are no designated audience areas,
viewers will have access to areas around broadcast sites.

Broadcast locations include the Adams and Knickle Wharf off
Bluenose Drive; Vernon Walters Blacksmith Shop, Kempt and
Montague Streets; the Colonial Merchant, Montague Street; and the
Dory Shop, Bluenose Drive. Pre-taped and live segments include a
tour of historic Lunenburg, a dory demonstration, the people of
the Maritimes, Peninsula Farms Yogurt, the Bay of Fundy, Ashley
MacIsaac and the Rankin Family, the Bluenose, legendary Maritime
disasters, and Evangeline and Anne of Green Gables.

- Media are welcome to film stage set-up and speak with Good
Morning America crew members beginning at 6 a.m. Friday.

- Co-hosts Joan Lunden and Charles Gibson will be available
immediately following the broadcast for a group media interview.

- There will be no one-on-one interviews with co-hosts.

- Media accreditation is not necessary.


Contact: Robyn McIsaac  902-424-0939 by 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 4
with names of media planning to attend.

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