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Health Minister Ron Stewart today introduced an amendment to the
Motor Vehicle Act that requires bicycle riders to wear a safety

"Head injuries caused by accidents involving bicycles are a
serious health problem," said Dr. Stewart. "Wearing a bicycle
helmet is a sensible precaution and a preventive health step." 

He said cyclists who wear helmets are less likely to suffer head
injuries and brain damage from a fall or collision. Studies
conducted in the United States have concluded that the use of a
bicycle helmet will reduce the risk of a head injury by 85 per

The type of helmet required under the  amendment will be
prescribed by regulations. The amendment applies to people of all
ages. For children under age 16, the onus will be on parents to
ensure their children wear the helmets properly.

There is a minimum $25 fine for any adult who doesn't wear a
helmet, or for parents who knowingly permit their children to
ride without a helmet. Children riding in a trailer towed by a
bicycle must also wear helmets.

The amendment takes effect upon proclamation. Other provinces
also have bicycle helmet legislation.

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jlw                      May 13, 1996        5:20 p.m.