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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Wayne Gaudet announced today
that an environmental working group has been established within
the Department of Agriculture and Marketing.

Mr. Gaudet said, "Environmental challenges facing agriculture are
a growing concern for both the industry and the department."

In response to this, he has realigned existing staff and
resources to form the working group to identify and resolve
agri-environmental challenges that face the industry.

"In 1995, the Department of Agriculture and Marketing entered
into a memorandum of understanding with the Nova Scotia
Department of Environment," said the minister. "The memorandum
established the foundation for cooperation between industry and
government on environmental issues. It further established an
Agricultural Activities Advisory Committee (AACC) tasked to
identify priority agri-environmental needs, and recommend
required responses and actions."

Mr. Gaudet said that the establishment of the group is an
important step. The group's mandate is to develop and implement
solutions to environmental problems facing agriculture through
research, education, training and legislative change. It will
also provide a proactive agri-environmental process which will
help to identify and resolve agri-environmental challenges in the
future. The group will work closely with industry on these

The minister said, "It is important to focus department services
and ensure that financial and human resources are dedicated to
the areas of highest priority."

The environmental working group assumed its responsibilities in


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