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The Department of Natural Resources and Nimbus Publishing Limited
have co-published two new books: Wildlife of Nova Scotia and
Trees of Nova Scotia. These two publications will be officially
released Wednesday.

Wildlife of Nova Scotia was written by Julie Towers, a wildlife
biologist with the Department of Natural Resources. The book
provides information on more than 70 wildlife species found in
Nova Scotia, including where they live, what they eat, their life
cycle, habits, and behaviour. Detailed illustrations help
identify each species, while tables provide facts about
offsprings and breeding seasons.

Trees of Nova Scotia was originally written in 1970 by Gary
Saunders, who was an employee with the former Department of Lands
and Forests. The text was revised for this current edition. The
book provides information on how to distinguish different
species, lists identifiable characteristics, and has
illustrations that help identify individual species.

These two books are published through a public/private
co-publishing agreement, administered by the publishing section
of Communications Nova Scotia on behalf of the provincial

Both books are available at retail bookstores for $9.95 (+GST).


Contact: Susan Mader Zinck  902-424-2354

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