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A leading U.S. software services company, Keane, Inc. of Boston, 
has chosen to locate its first Canadian Application Development
Centre (ADC) in Halifax, creating 113 computing jobs. The Halifax
ADC will develop, construct and test custom software for Keane's
new and existing clients.

The announcement was made today in Halifax by Premier John
Savage, and representatives from the Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency and Keane, Inc.

Keane, Inc. is establishing the centre with $1.7 million in
financial assistance from the Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION
Program. The government funding will be advanced once the jobs
are created.

Keane selected Halifax because of its many highly skilled
software development professionals, cost-effective operating
costs and close proximity to many major U.S. cities where Keane
clients are located.

Keane presently provides software development and management
services to Fortune 1000 clients such as IBM, AT&T, Carrier
Corporation and Elf Atochem. Most of the application development
work in the U.S. is currently performed on-site and delivered
through outside organizations. Keane predicts that the Halifax
ADC will provide a cost-effective and professional service to
American companies, and an attractive alternative to foreign
service providers.

"Keane's arrival in Nova Scotia signals another major player
joining the province's growing IT community, and another
opportunity to keep our best and brightest here at home," said
Premier Savage. "Keane clearly has confidence in the abilities of
Nova Scotia's skilled workforce and in our future," the Premier

Keane is confident this investment will be repaid many times over
given the massive U.S. market demand for IT services," said John
Keane Jr., vice-president of Keane, Inc.

Keane successfully maintains application development centres in
Pittsfield, Mass. and Boca Raton, Florida. The company also
maintains a branch office in Toronto.

Headquartered in Boston, Keane, Inc. is a $400 million software
services company that designs, develops and manages software for
corporations and health care facilities. The company employs
4,500 people through its North American network of 40 branch
offices. It provides its clients with a broad range of software
services, including project management, application development,
year 2000 compliance, application management and help desk out

The Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Program is managed by the
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency on behalf of the Government
of Canada and by the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency on
behalf of the province.


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