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A new fee structure, designed to encourage longer stays in
campgrounds operated by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural
Resources, is being introduced this season. Provincially operated
parks, including some campgrounds, opened May 17.

Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie said although there
will be a slight increase in basic overnight rates, special
discounted rates are being offered for extended stays.

"Campers will be offered a five night package for the price of
four nights," said Mrs. Norrie. "This means that a five night
stay in a semi-serviced campground this season will cost $56,
including GST, compared with $64.20 for five nights last year."

The overnight fee at semi-serviced (flush toilets and showers)
campgrounds this season is $14 per night, GST included. Last year
the rate, including GST, was $12.84. This season's rate in
unserviced campgrounds is $10, including GST. Last year it was
$9.63, GST included.

The five night package is available at both semi-serviced and
unserviced campgrounds operated by the department.

Nova Scotia senior citizens will continue to receive a discount
of $2 off the nightly rate, including the package rates.

"These new fees are comparable with those in Prince Edward Island
and New Brunswick and considerably less than in Quebec and
Ontario," said Mrs. Norrie. "The special five night rate will be
more economical for families and should encourage longer stays at
our campgrounds."

The new fees are effective immediately.

Another change this season will permit parking, where space
allows, for a second vehicle at a rate of $7 per night. However,
the limit of six campers per campsite remains unchanged.

There are 120 parks, including 20 with campgrounds, in Nova
Scotia's provincial parks system.

Most day use parks operated by the Department of Natural
Resources opened for the 1996 season May 17. The day use portions
of DNR camping parks open and close on the same dates as the

Seven campgrounds operated by the department which opened May 17
are: Salsman Park, Guysborough County; Dollar Lake, Halifax
County; Graves Island and Little Risser's Beach, Lunenburg
County; Mira River Park, Cape Breton County; Saltsprings Park,
Pictou County; and The Islands Park, Shelburne County.

All other campgrounds in the provincial parks system will open
June 14. The only exception is North Risser's, Lunenburg County,
which will open July 1.

Campers are advised to check with local Natural Resources offices
to confirm dates and hours of campground operations in specific

A "Campground Host Program" is also being introduced as a pilot
project in two provincially operated campgrounds this season.
Volunteer 'park hosts' will greet visitors  at Blomidon Park in
the Annapolis valley and at Amherst Shore Park, Cumberland
County, when they open for the season in mid-June.

"The program is a hospitality service to park visitors," Mrs.
Norrie said. "Through volunteers, it creates a warm, welcoming
atmosphere that makes visitors comfortable and, at the same time,
encourages them to stay longer in our parks. If the pilot project
is successful, we may expand it to other campgrounds next year."

In exchange for a free campsite and firewood, park hosts will
spend two to six weeks greeting visitors and providing
information about activities to do in the park and surrounding
area. Hosting requires a commitment of about four hours per day
and does not include collecting fees, issuing permits, enforcing
regulations or other duties that are normally the work of
Department of Natural Resources parks staff.


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