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William (Bill) Mackie, coordinator of recreation facility
development for the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission,
has been honored with the William Metcalfe Award for significant
contributions in the field of recreation facility operation,
management or design.

The award is the highest honor of the Alberta Recreation Facility
Development Association and recognizes contributions made in
areas such as facility design, outstanding volunteer effort and
equipment development.

"This award recognizes the significant contribution Mr. Mackie
has made in the area of facility development not only in Nova
Scotia, but across Canada," said Bill Cruickshank, executive
director of the Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia.
"Without his leadership and initiative, the association could not
have achieved the success it has."

Mackie also received a lifetime membership from the Ontario
Recreation Facility Association in recognition of his
contributions in the field. The awards were presented during the
annual meeting of the Canadian Recreation Facility Council.

In both volunteer and job-related positions, Mackie has served in
many different areas, including assisting the Aquatic Facility
Managers Association of Nova Scotia and the Arena Managers
Association of Nova Scotia as they merged to become the
Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia. Previously, he
served as the past-president of Sport Nova Scotia as well as the
Nova Scotia Diving Association. He is also a longtime diving


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