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Environment Week, June 2-8, is a time for people around the world
to celebrate and renew their dedication to the earth.

A kick-off for Environment Week in Nova Scotia will take place on
the grounds of the Museum of Natural History, Summer Street,
Halifax at 12 noon, Monday, June 3.

In the spirit of environmental improvements, the Metro Transit's
Envirobus will make its debut at the kick-off and will be
providing transportation for people attending the event. A
propane generated bus will ensure that representatives from
Environment Canada will arrive safely.

The Sustain of Chain program will also be launched at the
kick-off. Thoughts, suggestions and/or aspirations for the earth
can be contributed in one of 100 scribblers which will be passed
hand to hand throughout Nova Scotia and the world over the next
few months.

A tree planting ceremony and a giant parachute event will
highlight the value of clean air -- this year's national theme of
Environment Week.


Contact: The Clean Nova Scotia Foundation  902-420-3474 or
         1-800-665-5377 (toll-free).

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