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Business for Nova Scotia's l,400 motor vehicle inspection station
operators will be getting a little easier due to an initiative of
the Department of Business and Consumer Services.  

Effective June 3, MVI station operators will be able to buy
inspection stickers at their local Registry of Motor Vehicles
office rather than only from the registry's main office in

"One of the goals of this new department is to make the
transactions we all must go through with government as simple,
fast and convenient as possible," Business and Consumer Services
Minister Don Downe said today.  "This is another step in that
direction by improving the delivery of government services,
especially in rural Nova Scotia."

This change will mostly benefit station operators in rural Nova
Scotia, who will no longer need to travel or send to Halifax for
stickers, but can acquire them from any of the 13 registry
offices across the province.  Motor vehicle inspections are
usually carried out at service stations, small businesses that
stand to gain from the easier access.

"This is a small step, but sometimes small steps can make a big
difference to a one or two-person shop," said John Sullivan,
executive vice president of the Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers
Association.  "Our members fully support this initiative."

The Registry of Motor Vehicles issues approximately 660,000
stickers to licensed stations annually.


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         Donna Arseneau-Estabrooks, 902-424-564l

lm                           June 3, 1996 - 10:45 a.m.