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The Sable Offshore Energy Project (SOEP) participants -- Mobil
Oil Canada Properties, Shell Oil Limited, Petro-Canada, Imperial
Oil Resources Ltd., and Nova Scotia Resources -- have filed a
development plan application for regulatory approval with the
Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board, the Nova Scotia
Department of the Environment, the Nova Scotia Energy and
Minerals Conservation Board and the National Energy Board.

In the application, the participants are requesting the approval
of the development of six gas fields in the Sable Island area of
the Scotian Shelf; a proposed marine pipeline to transport
natural gas and associated natural gas liquids to a proposed
landfall and gas plant near Country Harbour, Guysborough County;
and, a proposed onshore pipeline to transport natural gas liquids
from Country Harbour to the Point Tupper area of Richmond County.

The federal/provincial regulatory agencies, including the
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, are currently
finalizing an agreement for joint review which will provide a
single window review process for the environmental assessment of
the application.

The joint review will minimize overlap and duplication while
allowing each of the agencies to fulfill its assessment
obligations under the appropriate federal/provincial legislation.

The federal/provincial agencies intend to establish an office in
Halifax to act as a secretariat to the review process. This
office will provide an opportunity for the public to have access
to information, provide support to the joint review panel and
coordinate hearings and other review activities.


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