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Seafood Days are here again and the provincial Department of
Fisheries invites all Nova Scotians to taste a feast from the sea
during the month of June.

"June is an optimum time to enjoy seafood." said Janis Raymond,
Nova Scotia Fisheries marketing director. "Shellfish and other
kinds of seafood, such as mackerel, shark and haddock, are
readily available. Summer activities can be enhanced with seafood
-- take on a picnic or try it on the barbecue."

A variety of seafood species will be featured and promoted at
festivals throughout the province. From the CBC Breakfast Bash to
Michelin's Health and Safety Fair, seafood will be at the
forefront of summer events, she said.

Nova Scotia Fisheries is teaming up with the Beef Information
Centre and Taste of Nova Scotia to promote Beyond Surf 'n' Turf.
This competition challenges chefs to develop new menu items
featuring beef and seafood.

Those who can't attend community events may still take advantage
of Seafood Days. Nova Scotia Fisheries and Taste of Nova Scotia
have released six new recipes, designed as post cards. These post
cards can be purchased for $4.99 (taxes, shipping and handling
included) from the Nova Scotia Fisheries Halifax office,
participating Taste of Nova Scotia recommended restaurants,
retail seafood stores or from the Taste of Nova Scotia office.


Contact: Ellen O'Reilly  902-424-0332

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