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Musquodoboit Rural High School today signed a letter of agreement
becoming the first school in Nova Scotia to formally establish a
school advisory council.

The agreement was signed by Education and Culture Minister John
MacEachern; Vicki Brown, chairperson of the Halifax
County-Bedford District School Board; Glen Graham, Musquodoboit
Rural High School Advisory Council chair; and Bill Kilfoil, the
school's principal.

School advisory councils are a unique approach to education,
bringing students, teachers, parents, support staff,
administrators, school boards and the community together to work
as a team. The role of the council is to advise principals on
matters directly affecting students in the school and to partner
innovative projects in the community.

"This agreement acknowledges the shared responsibility we all
have in supporting student success," said Mr. MacEachern.
"Advisory councils will also give education partners more
opportunities to emphasize what is unique and special about a
school or a particular community."

The new Education Act, passed during the last session of the
legislature, emphasizes the importance of parental and community
involvement in schools and firmly endorses the establishment of
school advisory councils.

During the last two years, eight schools across the province
piloted the council concept. These schools represented a
cross-section of English and French, rural and urban, large and
small schools and their experiences have helped to establish a
framework for all schools to follow.

"I applaud the eight pilot schools for leading the way," said Mr.
MacEachern. "They have evaluated their progress and shared their
stories with us so we can all learn from their experiences."

Schools can establish an advisory council by entering into a
partnership agreement with their regional school board and the
Department of Education and Culture. The agreement describes the
specific commitments each of the partners will make to support
student learning and must be signed by the school principal, a
representative of the school council, school board, and
Department of Education and Culture.

"I pass on my sincere congratulations to the school advisory
council at Musquodoboit Rural High School," said Mr. MacEachern.
"Their success is testimony to their commitment and I wish them
continued good luck in the future."


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