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How loud is the noise level at a junior high dance?  Music from a
walkman? Noise in the school yard or hallways?

These questions were investigated by Katherine Turnbull and Maria
Currie, this year's winners of the  Detectives of the Workplace 
science contest, sponsored by the Atlantic Provinces section of
the American Industrial Hygiene Association and supported by the
Department of Labour.

The two grade eight students from Sacred Heart School in Halifax
used a noise meter and measured the levels of common noises
experienced by students. They also developed recommendations for
improving noise levels for the health and safety of students and
teachers alike. The students won $100 for the school and $50 for

Congratulations to the students and their teacher for the
creativity and knowledge shown on this project, said Labour
Minister Guy Brown. Learning about health and safety in the
school should translate to safer, healthier workplaces for the

Shelley Gray, contest coordinator and occupational hygienist with
the department, said the students deserve a lot of credit for
their well-thought-out project.

The students really applied the concept of health and safety to
their workplace -- the school environment. With support from
their teacher, their parents and the entire school, everyone
learned a little more about the scope and importance of health
and safety.

Helen Mercereau and Milton Cook, occupational hygienists with
Nova Scotia Power and Devco respectively, also helped judge
projects throughout the province. Projects ranged from those on
indoor air quality to ergonomic design of furniture.

Occupational hygienists provide education, support and
investigation services to workplaces requiring help with a
variety of health issues. This includes problems relating to
indoor air quality, chemical hazards, biological hazards,
excessive noise and vibration, heat or cold stress, and materials
such as asbestos.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association is a group of
professionals who work for government, health care institutions,
universities, companies, and act as private consultants. The
association provides professional development for members,
promotes health and safety activities, and shares information and
concerns related to industrial hygiene.


Contact: Shelley Gray                     902-424-5400

         Mrs. Singh, Sacred Heart School  902-422-4459

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