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The week of June 16-22 has been proclaimed Senior Citizens' Week
in Nova Scotia.

Representatives from senior citizens councils, clubs and other
organizations met in the office of the Senior Citizens'
Secretariat today when the chair of the secretariat, Community
Services Minister Jim Smith, made the proclamation on behalf of
Premier John Savage.

This year's proclamation draws attention to the fact the
lifetimes of commitment and resourcefulness by seniors have
served both the province and the community to enable the next
generation to become responsible citizens by example.

In a letter to mayors, wardens and municipal officials, Dr. Smith
urged that this special week be used to promote and emphasize the
importance of a positive attitude to preserve Canada's way of

Brian Vandervaart, secretariat director, urged municipalities to
develop special programs and activities to emphasize how a
positive attitude and lifestyle contributes to the community at


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trp                    June 07, 1996 - 11:00 a.m.