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The Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission today announced that legal
counsel will be arranged for Gerald Phillips for his appeal to
the Supreme Court of Canada on 26 charges of criminal negligence
and manslaughter.

The Legal Aid Commission has received a commitment that all costs
incurred in arranging counsel for Mr. Phillips will be funded by
the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.

Mr. Phillips recently asked the Supreme Court of Canada to
appoint a lawyer to defend him against the 26 charges. He argued
that his present financial circumstances prevents him from
retaining his own counsel. Payment for a court appointed lawyer
would be the responsibility of the Province of Nova Scotia.

Legal counsel is being arranged only for the appeal. Should a new
trial be ordered, Mr. Phillips will be required to make a
separate application for legal aid.

"The Government of Nova Scotia advised the commission that they
did not wish to see further delays in the case," said Glen
McDougall, chair of the commission. "We have a commitment from
the Department of Justice that all costs will be covered so our
budgets will not be impacted, and there will be no reduction in
service to other clients."

Should he reapply, a full review of Mr. Phillips' financial
affairs will be conducted. He may be asked to contribute to the
cost of his defence if the commission concludes he has the means
to do so, through such things as insurance benefits.


Contact: Glen McDougall  902-539-2425

trp                   June 07, 1996 - 2:45 p.m.