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Sydney-area Acadians and Francophones received some long-awaited
good news today, with plans for a new school and community centre
announced by Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern and
le Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial (CSAP).

The school and community centre will be located in part of the
Nova Scotia Community College Sydney Campus building on Prince
Street, available this summer as a result of community college
restructuring. The spacious building already has a full-size
gymnasium and other facilities which, along with planned
renovations, make the location ideal to support a full-range of
French first-language primary to grade 12 programs and the
community's cultural needs.

Students and teachers will have access to the latest technology,
linking them to information resources and other Acadians and
Francophones from across the province and around the world. 
Computers and television monitors will be in each classroom, and
teachers will be able to access video and computer resources at a
touch of the button, without leaving the classroom.

Students and community members alike will enjoy facilities such
as an amphitheatre, where concerts, plays and other cultural
events can be staged. As well, plans for the community centre
include teleconferencing equipment, day-care centre and community
meeting and office areas. As well, College de l'Acadie plans to
establish a learning centre to meet occupational training needs
of the Acadian and Francophone community.

Jocelyne Fournier, president, comite du centre scolaire
communautaire de la region de Sydney, said, "For the first time,
our children will receive French first-language education in an
Acadian-Francophone school, from their first day to graduation. 
This is wonderful for our children, and just as important to help
preserve our culture and our language."

Mr. MacEachern applauded the community group for their
hard work and commitment. "You have waited and worked a long time
for the kind of school and cultural centre your children and
community deserve. I applaud you, and look forward with you to
official opening."

Allister Surette, provincial advisor on Acadian and Francophone
governance said, "This centre reflects the province's commitment
excellence in education for Acadian and Francophone students
Nova Scotia."

CSAP representative Rejean Sirois said, "We are excited about the
new educational opportunities that will be available for the
time in Sydney."

Le Conseil will begin offering French first-language programs
September in the front portion of the building. Tenders for
renovations on the back portion, where the school and community
centre will be permanently housed, will be called in the fall.
school is eventually expected to hold more than 100 students.  

Project funding is cost-shared by Heritage Canada and the
Department of Education and Culture.


EDITORS NOTE: There is an accent grave on the first "e" in
              de l'Acadie and an accent aigu on the "e" in comite 
              and region in the fifth paragraph, and on the first
              "e" in Rejean.

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