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Employees of the Nova Scotia Community College can now receive
professional, confidential help when personal problems arise.

Jack Buckley, college president, said: "The Employee Assistance
Program (EAP) will provide short term counselling, information
and advisory services on a wide range of personal issues - for
example, couple and marital relationships, child and elder care,
financial and legal concerns, stress and anxiety, misuse of
alcohol and drugs."

He said the college wants to make it easy for employees to get
help with problems before they grow and influence their families,
friends and co-workers.

To ensure confidentiality and privacy, the college has contracted
with an external agent, CHC-Atlantic, to provide professional
service away from campuses. The college pays the full cost for
all services provided by CHC-Atlantic.

A brochure describing EAP services is being forwarded to each
employee, outlining details on contacting a toll free for 24 hour
service, 365 days a year.


Contact: Sheila Stanley  902-424-0027

trp                    June 12, 1996 - 2:20 p.m.