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Jack Buckley, president of the Nova Scotia Community College and
Dr. Jacquelyn Thayer-Scott, president of the University College
of Cape Breton met today at the Pictou Campus of NSCC to sign a
ground-breaking agreement.

The agreement between the two institutions is the first of its
kind in Nova Scotia, and will allow for the standardization of
credit transfer between the two institutions. The net effect of
this agreement is that students will enjoy increased mobility
between programs offered at both learning centres, and will
benefit from an expanded and more flexible educational offering.

The groundwork for the agreement began with discussions between
officials of both institutions in the fall of 1995. The
cooperative agreement is a benchmark for other educational
institutions and sets a new standard for the delivery of
educational services to post-secondary students in Nova Scotia.

"This program is truly unique in that it is being applied on a
comprehensive system-wide basis at both institutions. We feel
that this is the first step in providing the type of flexible
education and career training options that today's students need
and deserve." Mr. Buckley said.

The first stage of implementation will focus on specific similar
areas of study shared by both institutions, such as:
technologies, human/community services and business programs. The
goal of the agreement is to continually expand the transfer
process to include a more comprehensive list of programs, based
on approved curriculum. Under the agreement, students may
transfer credits to, or from, either institution depending on
their individual goals and educational history. This option will
be available system-wide at both institutions, including all 14
campuses of the Community College.

"Agreements like this one bring reality to sometimes fuzzy
concepts like lifelong education," Dr. Scott said. "This provides
solid, tangible benefits to Nova Scotia students, employers and

She said that while the agreement will be mutually beneficial to
both learning providers, the true benefactors will be the
students, who will gain from expanded educational options.


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