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Nova Scotia's Black Business Initiative is moving forward with
the formation of the Black Business Initiative Society. The Black
Business Initiative (BBI) is a $5 million, five-year initiative
designed to support the economic development needs of the black
community in Nova Scotia. It is funded by the Canada-Nova Scotia
COOPERATION Agreement on Economic Diversification.

The society will be responsible for implementing the
recommendations set out in the report of the Task Force on the
Black Business Initiative.

Chaired by Dartmouth businessperson Hector Jacques, the board of
directors for the society consists of Lynn Crawford, educator,
Sydney;  Leonard Parsons, businessperson, Lr. Sackville; Gordon
Tynes, P.Eng., businessperson, Dartmouth; Geraldine Browning,
businessperson, Centreville; Rudolph French, economist,
Kentville; Regina James, businessperson/educator, Preston; Percy
A. Paris, educator/businessperson, Windsor Junction; Barbara
Miller Manning, businessperson, Dartmouth; William Reddick,
businessperson, Antigonish; Paul Walter, lawyer, Kentville; and
Richard Bartolo, a banker from Antigonish.

Mr. Jacques said, "I'm very pleased with the calibre of people we
have attracted from across the province to serve on this board.
I'm confident they will provide valuable insight and direction
for Nova Scotia's black business community."

The board is also pleased to announce the appointment of Rustum
Southwell as the executive director for the Black Business
Initiative. Mr. Southwell has extensive experience dealing with
entrepreneurs through his former position as executive director
of the African Canadian Business Development Centre and through
his involvement in a number of community business organizations.

The centre has a strong team of talented staff who include: Idy
Fashoranti, Controller; Bonnie Williams, Administrative
Assistant; Luke Jefferies, Louis Gannon, Jr. and Sheldon States,
Regional Business Development Managers.

The Black Business Centre, located at the Canada/Nova Scotia
Business Service Centre at 1575 Brunswick Street, will serve as
the BBI's head office, and will offer business skills training,
counselling, consulting assistance, research, administration and
communications support services, plus ongoing assistance to black
entrepreneurs across the province. It can be reached by calling

The Black Business Initiative will provide a resource library,
technical expertise and assist with access to financial
institutions, government agencies and business support

The members on the board of directors were selected based on the
results of community consultations and recommendations from the
task force. Appointments are for a three-year term and members
will serve on a rotational basis.


Contact: Rustum Southwell         902-426-8948

         Bonnie Williams          902-426-7752

         Luke Jefferies           902-426-7752

         Sheldon States           902-426-7752

         Louis (Lou) Gannon, Jr.  902-426-7752 or 1-800-668-1010

trp                June 13, 1996 - 1:10 p.m.