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Further sampling of the Sydney Tar Ponds is an essential step in
the clean up process, said Transportation and Public Works
Minister Richie Mann, who is actively seeking federal input into
the more extensive sampling approach recommended by consultants

"We're not going to leap into the next phase of this project
without obtaining consensus on the overall framework from federal
parties with a vested interest," said Mr. Mann.

"It's not in anybody's best interest to spend more money until
the framework is agreed upon. Part of that framework requires a
better definition of what is in the ponds, which is where further
sampling comes in. Only then can we consider viable solutions
available to clean up the contaminants," he said.

Meetings with federal counterparts will be confirmed shortly. In
the meantime, representatives from Sydney Tar Ponds Clean Up are
planning to present three extensive technical reports as part of
the project requirements under the first phase.

The reports include an analysis of the containment option for
contaminants; an analysis of human health risks; and the results
of PCB sampling to date with a review of disposal options. It's
expected that these reports will be available to the general
public within the next two weeks.


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trp                    June 13, 1996 - 3:28 p.m.